digital printer for elastic bands

Digital revolution

Nastrotex Cufra is the protagonist of the development of a new digital printing technology on Elastic Bands


  • Sampling phase and customized pattern creation

    Processing is managed right from the pattern design with integrated software

  • Printing on both sides with different patterns

    It makes printing of different patterns on both sides possible: from plain colour to a pattern or a text, without limitations

  • Speed in the preparation of sampling

    The daily output corresponds to the weekly output of No. 140 looms. The production potential is about two million metres of Elastic bands/year.

  • Perfection of the dye

    Every micron of the rubber used in the bands is coloured or printed. the tape is perfectly dyed in its entirety, even at the moment of its maximum extension.

  • Variety of materials

    Printing on materials that are different from each other. In addition to traditional materials, it is possible to print on carbon, silver and bioceramic.

“The tape is a feature that distinguishes the finished product of our customers and we want to give them the opportunity to study it in every detail and see it produced in the best way possible.”

  • Optimisation of the production phase, in a completely natural way, resulting in a significant decrease in the set-up time
  • More financial benefits for the company by cutting costs for the purchase of dyestuffs due to the elimination of an entire production step which is absorbed by the new technology
  • Extremely varied and diverse designs and patterns, almost endless, that Nastrotex is now able to offer. In fact, the printing can be either solid or in four-colours.
  •  Designs of any shape, size and colour can be easily reproduced on both sides of the same material or the patterns can be different on the front and back without any discontinuity

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